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Review: New canteen is a hit

This reporter goes completely bonkers over a newly opened canteen at the Faculty of Humanities

The opening of a new canteen at the Faculty of Humanities leaves none of my wishes unfulfilled.

A blue-green towering glass wall, jellyfish-like lamps, students swarming around the buffet like ants…

See photos of the new canteen here.

Overwhelmed by all the healthy food, I am not able to decide what to pick. 15 minutes later, I am already getting excited about my dish, and my plate is a painter’s colour palette:

There is French golden baked egg and ham pie topped with fresh tomatoes, toasted wholemeal bread filled with fine chopped chicken fillet sprinkled with cheese and a lemony chickpea-broccoli-potato salad as a side dish.

As a drink I took a traditional Danish cacao ‘Matilda’.

Cheap, cozy, and I am content

A pleasant surprise! The price I have to pay for my colourful meal is lower than I expected; just DKK 30 for a huge serving.

I am choosing one of the comfortable seats directly situated on the edge of the 1st level´s balcony where I have an overview of the whole buffet.

High glass walls allow me a stunning view of the ‘Emil Holms Kanal’ curling along the canteen building. Sunshine is flooding the room, lighting it up and I am relaxed and pleased with myself.

And the food lives up to its promise! I eat my dish and warmly recommend it. Don’t miss out on that buffet!

It is a feast.

Tak for mad!