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S-train and bus fares to be cut

Politicians present deal that makes it 20 per cent cheaper to travel by train, bus and metro, with youths and students benefiting the most

Governing parties, backed by the Red/Green Alliance and the Danish People’s Party, presented a billion-kroner traffic agreement Tuesday, reports, and

When the agreement goes into effect next year, it will be as much as 20 per cent cheaper to travel by train, bus and metro, with the greatest savings being offered at off-peak times – for example, on weekends. Youths and students will benefit the most, due to the so-called HyperCard pilot scheme that provides transportation between school and home for DKK 300 a month.

The agreement will also allocate DKK 285m over the next five years to improve public transport in the country’s outlying areas as well, as DKK 200m to expand new ‘super cycle’ trails throughout Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense.

Red/Green party happy

The Red/Green’s traffic spokesperson Henning Hyllested was pleased with the agreement.

It is »better than anticipated. In addition to fare reductions, there is a clear improvement and strengthening of the public-transportation system,« he says.

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