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Sandwich Index says Copenhagen is cheaper for lunch

The annual Club Sandwich Index shows Copenhagen dropping in sandwich price from number 5 to number 9 on the list

Copenhagen has dropped from number 5 to number 9 on the Club Sandwich Index (CSI) this year, indicating a decrease in the average price of lunch, compared to other countries, reports and

The sandwich index was created to help travellers know what they can expect to pay when travelling.

A club sandwich costs, on average, DKK 113 in Copenhagen, compared to DKK 170 in the most expensive city, Geneva. Other costly destinations to feature in the study include Helsinki, where a club sandwich costs DKK 130, Stockholm (128) and Oslo (125).

Also 9 on Big Mac Index

Copenhagen is also 9th on the Economist’s ‘Big Mac index’, which compares the price of the McDonald’s hamburger around the world to determine whether a currency is overvalued.

Norway is the most expensive Big Mac destination, with a wallet-busting price of nearly DKK 60, while McDonalds outlets in Venezuela, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Brazil, and Italy are all more expensive than in this country.

India, where you can pick up chicken- or mutton-based Maharaja Macs for just DKK 8 is the cheapest McDonalds country in the world.

See the full 2014 Club Sandwich Index report here, and the Economist’s Big Mac Index here.

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