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Staff at University of Copenhagen may no longer use Uber

University of Copenhagen will no longer reimburse employees’ work taxi receipts if their trip has been via Uber

The University of Copenhagen will no longer refund employees’ receipts if their trip was via a Uber-car.

This is after a ruling in the High Court on 18th November , which upheld a Copenhagen City Court ruling. Here, six Danish Uber drivers were convicted of illegalities in breaking the law on passenger transport.

The new rules apply from 1st December and although the ruling of the district court only holds for driving in Denmark, the university’s decision will also count for Uber rides abroad.

“This is to keep things clean and above board all the way around,” says Thomas Buchvald Wind, Vice Director of Group Finance at the University of Copenhagen, to 3F, a trade union.

He says he has no idea how much the Uber service has been used at the University of Copenhagen.