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Student council handbook: Read it here

The yearly student handbook - a tradition for almost one hundred years, is now in English

The university’s student council have decided to distribute an English version of their yearly student ‘guide to the galaxy’ , releasing their advice on everything from roommate rules to legal advice to the international student world.

The student council represents all UCPH students on campus academic matters, and has been established for over one hundred years – since 1912.

”We noticed a hole in the advice that international students were getting, and we wanted them to be included in our student community,” says Mie Anderson, editor of the guide and student council member, ”we want to make it easier and more fun to be an international student in Copenhagen.”

Bikes and bars and books, oh my!

Most advice is relevant to all students, like housing tips and the danger warnings for ‘tricksters’ and landlord-scammers, but some is more internationally-focused, like adjusting to the bicycle culture and the Ung og Ret organization, a student-run legal aid initiative that advises students (both in Danish and English) on Danish laws and legislation.

The student council has made 1,000 paper copies of their English handbook, and they are available both at the Studenterhuset café and the International Office. If you miss out on a paper copy, or want to save some trees, you can also check out a pdf version of the guide here.

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