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Studenterhuset to throw a big party after Matriculation ceremony

Chance for new students, Danish and international, to meet up after the big event at Copenhagen's student café

For new University of Copenhagen students, Friday 28 August is the day to remember. Because on this day new students are officially inducted into their new place of learning.

And according to Copenhagen’s central student café Studenterhuset, the party that they are hosting subsequent to the official event is the best place to go after the official ceremony and socialising is over.

“We offer the chance of meeting people after the event. It can be chaotic to attend all these welcoming things like intros and ceremonies. Alot of these are out in the faculties and individual study programmes. But we offer an opportunity to meet other students from other departments and faculties,” says Marie Skjelbo Justesen of Studenterhuset to the University Post.

2-3,000 people last year

The University of Copenhagen’s official matriculation ceremony is for the thousands of new students and will include welcoming speeches, a welcoming handshake from rector and prorector, music and socialising – all on the Vor Frue Plads square and in the Ceremonial Hall. (Link to the official event page (in Danish) here.)

The Studenterhuset post-matriculation party has gotten bigger and bigger in recent years, according to Marie Skjelbo Justesen.

“I think it was about 2 or 3,000 [visitors we estimated last year]. We did a few concerts outside by the church, because we can’t have that many people in the café,” she says, adding that the Studenterhuset is expecting slightly less attendance this year, as they have modified down their previous big-concert-outside-the-church concept,

From last year’s event: Event is an opportunity to meet others like yourself

Chill out DJ session

Although the Studenterhuset also helps organise a larger Spring Festival on campus, this event is the biggest one the Studenterhuset does at its own venue.

“This year we are opening our courtyard for the first time. Outside, by the church, we are doing a lounge, chill-out DJ session during the afternoon. And when the concerts begin we open the courtyard for chilling out, and take a break from the crowds,” says Marie.

You can find the basic information on the Facebook event here.

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