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Students end blockade, but stay defiant

Blockade of sociology entrances ends with 'great success', says spokesman. Vows to continue fight for more involvement

After two days of blockading entrances to their department after citing cutbacks to their student teaching hours, sociology students have decided to end the protest.

According to the students, the blockade was a great success as it was able to draw attention to the struggle the students face.

“We will continue to fight for our right to be included in the decision process” says the spokesman of the protesters, Frederik Bach in a text message to the University Post.

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Hopes for negotiation

The protest arose after the decision to cut 206 hours of the classes was made without any involvement with the Board of Studies or student consultation, the students claim.

But the sociology department disagree in an open letter, “At the latest, last Tuesday we held a study board meeting, where precisely these things were discussed. The head of department took part in this meeting to ensure a wide dialogue. Later on the head of studies met with the club of those teaching staff who do the exercises,” writes Carsten Strøby Jensen, Head of Department at the Department of Sociology and Charlotte Baarts, Head of Studies.

“We now hope that the management of the Institute of Sociology will start to negotiate our demands for more involvement,” says Frederik Bach.

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