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Students prepare for year's biggest event

In the last week of June a old farmer’s field in Roskilde erupts into a temporary party city with over 100,000 guests. Are you ready?

Roskilde: You probably heard of it before you came to Denmark. And if you did, you probably knew that it was the name of a music festival before knowing it is of one of Denmark’s oldest cities.

This week many students (as well as many others) are preparing their costumes for themed camps, training their livers and buying their tents. It’s Roskilde season!

The Festival runs from 26 June to 3 July, but the party really gets going on 30 June.

Festival city

If it is your first time at the festival, don’t worry, because the organizers have you covered.

The organizers seem to have thought of everything from battery charging points to freezer packs. There is even a pharmacy on site. You can buy food and beverages as well.

Want to go fishing? Well, don’t forget your rod! There’s a fishing lake close to the camping area.

See the Practical Information on Roskilde Festival here

Expect everything

Most festival-goers stay at the festivals in camps. This is where the fun is.

If you see a group of people around in sailor suits, and other bizarre costumes they might be competing in the Camp of the Year contest.

If you think you or someone you know has an awesome camp you can tip off the Camp of the Year judges before the festival by sending an e-mail to

Have fun!

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