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Students unpacked: Elena

For our new series, Elena from Germany asked seven other students what mementos they brought when moving to Copenhagen. But first she examined her own luggage

It was already late when I went out of my flat to get to the train station. I would leave Munich to spend 6 months in Copenhagen. The last few days everything centered on the question: What should I bring with me while spending one semester abroad?

Since I am very bad at making decisions, I was swaying under the weight of my huge backpack. Five minutes earlier I looked one last time through my room to make sure that I had packed everything. I could see so many things, which I associated with particular feelings, experiences and events. A lot of memories were strongly connected to certain items. Which memories should I take abroad with me?

My most important items:

• An analogue camera, which I always take with me while travelling
• A diary, that I got from my friends to note down my thoughts during my stay
• A collage, showing me together with one of my best friends, on our last group vacation in Lisbon
• Old sunglasses from the sixties from my dad
• A necklace, which I got for my last birthday from a very close friend

7 students, 7 impressions

Seven other exchange students opened their bags to show me what they couldn’t leave home without. They come from France, Germany, Croatia, the Netherlands, Italy and Australia – a plenty of different cultures, living situations and a lot of various things.

Their important items remind them of family members and friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, important moments and experiences. They try to bring a tiny little piece of home to their new place in Copenhagen. That could be a soul-comforter, a memento or a daily supporter against homesickness.

In this, the coming series, you can see what they brought with them!

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