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Surprise bonus for pharma girl in photo contest

Third place in our photo competition is a Master's student in medicinal chemistry

It was all supposed to be over and done with. We had, after all, already found the winner and runner-up to the ‘show us your room’ photo contest, and we had no more tickets to offer.

But then the University Post newsroom suddenly got a golden opportunity. Two more NorthSide tickets appeared in the office just a few days before the festival. What to do?

Well, we decided to give the reward to our number three in the merciless poll of viewers.


Viola Previtali got eight per cent of the vote for her ‘weekly evening contrast’ – a mellow image from her Keops Kollegium room.

Viola is a Master’s student in medicinal chemistry from the northern part of Italy, close to Milan.

She was caught off guard when the University Post called, and had no idea what we were offering.

Friend really wants to go

But she had no other immediate plans that could not be rescheduled, so she can take the trip this weekend, she said.

»I am very happy, as a friend of mine really wanted to go and now I can invite her with the tickets I won,« she said to our photo reporter Santiago.

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