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Top 10 places to read your book in sunny Copenhagen

The sun is here, so where to go? This is our guide to hidden reading spots where you can relax with your textbook while flashing your sunglasses

So you have just finished your last class for today, and as you open the door to freedom something strong, warm and bright is irritating your eyes. Could it be the sun?

It is the sun! It is back in Copenhagen and your winter white skin will soon be tanned and your winter depressed soul full of D-vitamins and Copenhagen summer vibes.

So you find your Ray Bans.

But wait a minute! Where to go?

1. Assistens Kirkegården

At Nørrebro you will find a lovely reading spot in the sun, only 800 meters from North Campus. The Assistens Cemetery is not like every other cemetery. It is full of happy people talking about subjects you never thought were suitable for a cemetery. But there is a rule: Stick to the part closest to Frederiksberg, that is where the old graves are, and you will not offend anyone by sitting on their grandmother. (Readers comment: the actual old part of the cemetery is in the corner by Kapelvej and Nørrebrogade).

Direction (from North Campus): Turn left at Jagtvej and follow the street until you see a big yellow wall at the intersection of Jagtvej and Nørrebrogade. Now you just have to find the entrance, which is 100 meters further down Jagtvej. Follow the paved road 100 meters and turn right at the smaller paved road. When you reach a big tree surrounded with small stones you can park your bike and sit down in the grass field.

2. Sankt Hans Torv

Also, at Nørrebro, only three minutes on a bike from North Campus you find the popular square Sankt Hans Torv. Here you can enjoy the afternoon sun with lots of Danes eating ice cream from the famous Danish ice cream shop Paradis.
This spot only has few benches, so you need luck not to sit on the cobblestones.

Direction (from North Campus): Turn right at Nørre Allé and follow the street until you almost drive into the cobblestones. At the corner between Fælledvej and Guldbergsgade you will see a big tree surrounded by bikes. Facebook for features, guides and tips on upcoming events. Follow us on Twitter for links to other Copenhagen academia news stories. Sign up for the University Post weekly newsletter here.