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Twilight Christmas calender

ADVENT CALENDAR - Whodunnit? The crow, the seagull, or the fascists?

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There’s something compact about the architecture here; like a fat, miserable boy, hiding in a closet.

At the same time, the building is drawing attention to itself in a grandiose way: It is the fat boy’s wish to rise above his tormentors and eventually – if he becomes a dictator of a large European country – kill them all. And that’s fascism.

Sorry, Geocenter, but you look like the entire Italian General Staff could come pouring out of you at any second, brushing cannoli crumbs and succade off their coats with gloved hands. One of the fascists is blowing at his small, incredibly hot cup of coffee …

A terrible sound

Once upon a time yours truly heard a terrible, wet sound in front of the Geocenter. Like a prisoner of conscience, thrown out of a high window, getting crushed next to the bicycles on the pavement.

It was a clam. The largest clam you can imagine, and it was shattered and writhed in pain, or -you know- it was definitely shattered.

Above the rooftop, the wing of a seagull flashed briefly.

A crow crowed.

The crow first landed and started hacking at the clam. Then the seagull returned, and the crow retreated.

We have no idea who killed the clam.

The Advent Calendar

Our photographer Lizette Kabré is exploring the University of Copenhagen’s many angles and corners in the December twilight. She is looking for places that conjure up stories.

Lizette Kabré will bring you something you did not expect to see every day of the month.

Check out our advent calendar gallery right here, where the pictures of the calendar so far are published every day.