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Typhoid outbreak was just a rumour

Danish section Universitetsavisen apologises after news blunder: Copenhagen dorm guest was not infected with a tropical disease after all

There is no raging infectious disease in a Copenhagen dorm. This is now clear after the University Post’s Danish section Universitetsavisen was forced to publish an embarassing retraction.

The Danish section Universitetsavisen reported Thursday that a guest staying at the Regensen College in Inner Copenhagen had been diagnosed with typhoid fever.

But the story was in fact nothing more than an advanced case of the Chinese whispers, and the story was based on a rumour that was untrue. To make matters worse, the University Post fell in at the deep end, and trusted their report.

Previously infected

The girl in question had previously been infected with Typhoid, and when she fell ill, doctors were concerned that the disease had returned.

However, tests revealed that this was not the case, says the person in question’s partner.

The 15 sources contacted by the journalist had all heard the same incorrect rumour.

The reporter had apparently did not speak to the resident or his girlfriend, and Universitetsavisen published a retraction and an apology Thursday.

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