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UCPH Professors awarded the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prize

WINNERS – The Carlsberg Foundation’s Research Prize 2016 goes to mathematics professor Tobias Holck Colding and professor of international development law Morten Broberg. Each prize winner will receive DKK one million.

Sunday, Crown Princess Mary and the Minister for Higher Education and Science, Ulla Tørneas, handed out the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prize 2016 to two researchers from the University of Copenhagen.

One prize was awarded to professor Morten Broberg, Centre for International Law, Conflict and Crisis at the Faculty of Law for his research contributions to the field of international development law. The other prize was awarded to professor Tobias Holck Colding from the Department Mathematics at the Faculty of Science, for his outstanding research in mathematics.

DKK 750,000 for research

Over several years, Broberg has built up the research field “international development law,” dealing with legal challenges and dilemmas within areas such as development aid, international trade and law reform in developing countries. He collaborates with researchers from a range of disciplines, who tackle the same issues from different perspectives.

Holck Colding works with geometrical analysis and differential geometry, one of the most significant research areas within mathematics today. His research has included soap film and soap bubbles: how natural surfaces change over time. The techniques which have been developed to understand and describe the field, have had remarkable application in many other research areas.

One million DKK is attached to the prizes. The two researchers will spend DKK 750,000 of the prize money on their research, while the remaining DKK 250,000 is a personal gift.