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UCPH to certify students on gender issues

New scheme allows students at the University of Copenhagen to accredit their knowledge with a certificate showing they can work critically with texts on gender and the body

Most sub-majors are simply attached to a students’ transcript. Now, University of Copenhagen students can become certified in gender and body issues with the introduction of a new certification initiative at the University of Copenhagen.

The scheme is developed by The Coordination for Gender Research at the Department of Sociology and aims to certify students’ understanding of gender dynamics.

The award is part of UCPH’s initiative to demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of gender issues and their relevance in broader contexts.

To certify text work on gender, body

Lotte Holm is Professor at the Department of Food and Resources (UCPH) and believes interdisciplinary approaches are crucial to addressing global problems.

“If we as a society are going to address such issues, one has to look at human practices – what it is that people do. And if we are going to look at human practices, then sex and gender is one of the first things that pop up”, she says in the press material.

In order to qualify, students must complete 30 ECTS points in gender-related studies. It certifies various competencies, such as a students’ ability to work critically with academic texts about gender and the body, and their insights into crucial research issues.

Different levels of gender certification

Students also have the option of having their thesis project credited towards the certificate for a maximum of 15 ECTS points. When 30 ECTS points are additionally combined with a thesis, students qualify for a Gender Certificate Plus, or Gender Certificate Practice for undertaking a relevant internship.

The deadline for registering passed courses that students wish to include in the gender certificate is 15 November for the Autumn semester.

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