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University repeats staff cut warning

Some administration staff may still lose their jobs, says the University of Copenhagen, as it releases an update on the budget

While there are no plans for major cuts in staff in the University of Copenhagen in 2011, »local adjustments at some faculties and within University Administration can occur,« the university’s Communication Office writes in a release on the intranet site KUnet.

»It is already certain that minor adjustments need to be made in administration, within reasonable limits. This process will begin in 2011, and the preparations will therefore already start this autumn,« the Communication Office writes.

Calm before storm

According to the update, this is due to a government plan cutting Danish university financing by DKK 125 million on administration in 2012 and DKK 250 million in 2013.

The Communication Office calls the Danish universities’ budget situation the »calm before the storm«, before the 2011 central government budget negotiations.

But these government budget negotiations withstanding, it is certain that that the University of Copenhagen will face economic setbacks, the communication office writes.

Politicians sitting on the fence

On the bright side, since the last update in June where Rector Ralf Hemmingsen sent out a circular to all employees, there has been a record high student intake, which will increase government funding.

Other factors are important too, according to University of Copenhagen director Jørgen Honoré who is quoted in the release.

»The exciting – and most uncertain – part is the size of the globalisation funds. The University of Copenhagen expects to receive in the area of DKK 200 million. However, it is currently difficult to predict the political agreement. The politicians seem very hesitant,« he says.

If you are staff or student and logged on to KUnet you can see the full release here.