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War of the Wardrobes: Calgary student fashion

Popular demand has us back with our competitive student fashion series, the War of the Wardrobes! We start up with the University of Calgary, next to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and pitch it against a set from the Faculty of Health and Medicine in Copenhagen

Calgary, Canada. Set amidst the Rocky Mountains, this city is known for bone-chilling winter temperatures and never-ending snowfall.

Its claim to fame is playing host to the 1988 winter Olympics, and more recently for having a star-studded line up on the Calgary Flames NHL hockey team.

But under all those winter layers, students from the University of Calgary manage to dress to impress. We see outfit choices ranging from grunge get-up to hippie-inspired ensembles, proving that even in the dead of winter, fashion saavy outfits still exist.

Fresh off the catwalk

Our University Post reporter, who was spending time in Calgary, photographed randomly selected students who display typical Calgarian clothing choices. See the gallery of the University of Calgary’s best dressed students here.

Copenhagen students are going to give them some fierce competition this time round though.

Our reporter went out to the Faculty of Health and Medicine Science at the Panum Institute to see what they’ve got. No boring white labcoats here.

Check out our series from the Panum Institute here.

We have almost been everywhere

How has Copenhagen done against the world’s campus fashion? Here are the galleries from our 2011-2012 series and their results.

  • Stockholm, Sweden vs. Humanities art event, University of Copenhagen

  • Vienna vs. Copenhagen maths and chemistry

  • Boston, United States vs. New international students, Copenhagen

  • Krakow, Poland vs. Biocenter, Copenhagen

  • San Diego, United States vs. Life Sciences, Copenhagen

  • Wageningen, Holland vs. Faculty of Law, Copenhagen

  • Business school CBS vs. Humanities, Copenhagen

  • Seoul vs. University of Copenhagen selection 1

  • Hong Kong vs. University of Copenhagen selection 2.

  • Padua, Italy vs. International students, University of Copenhagen

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