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War of the Wardrobes: Stockholm student fashion

Can the Karolinska research centre's variety of styles outmatch the fashion skills of UCPH's art aficionados? Find out in this edition of War of the Wardrobes!

The last international War of the Wardrobes was half the world away in Boston, USA. This week we bring it closer to home by visiting the fashionable students of the Karolinska Cancer Research Centre a mere 523 km away in Stockholm, Sweden.

In the last competition Boston walked away winners, taking a massive 78 per cent of the vote. Will the trendy Swedes trounce Copenhagen? You can see the Swedish researchers in their laboratory best here and compare them to UCPH students dressed for culture at a recent art event here.

OK this is a bit sneaky! Artist Elin Amundsen is attempting to visually demonstrate sexism in the media.. Some might say that our fashion stake-out is sexist in itself, and that taking pics at this art event is a provocation.

But anyhow: The score so far shows that the University of Copenhagen is ahead of Hong Kong (China), arch-rivals CBS in Copenhagen, San Diego (US) and Padua (Italy). However, Vienna (Austria), Wageningen (Holland), Seoul (South Korea), Krakow (Poland) and Boston (US) are giving Copenhagen students a sound beating.

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