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Who should you vote for? Find your candidate

A guide for the confused. Voting in Denmark on Sunday? Try this objective European-wide voting machine and see which candidate you should really vote for

Sunday is election day for the Danish part of the European parliamentary elections. Other EU countries’ citizens will also be voting in the coming days.

But who to vote for? Candidates represent their national parties at home, but also wider political groupings in the European parliament. To vote in the election you should at least have some idea about what it is that you are voting for, and what the candidates stand for.

Try the test below to see which candidate is the best representative of your standpoint. The good thing about this machine below is that it is in all the different languages and recommends candidates throughout the EU. it will also tell you who they represent in the European parliament and enlighten you on some of the big issues.

Remember: The real vote is on Sunday

If you are living in Denmark as an EU citizen, Dane or non-Dane, you are entitled to vote for Danish candidates or your home country candidates.

Denmark is electing 13 candidates. A total of 766 European seats are up for grabs. The parties in Denmark have all had the chance to pitch their case to the University Post in this section here.

If you have a voting card by now, you will be heading on down to vote on Sunday.

You will probably be surprised

Need to see how to vote in the upcoming elections?

Try this machine below. You will probably be surprised with the result. (To change the language click on the language at the top and press the little arrow to the right. Refresh your browser if the language settings still don’t change.)

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