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You cheat with your clothes on, shows survey

Even the most innocent rendezvous can be seen as cheating, our questionnaire shows

International students are young, carefree and far from home. They just want to have a good time.

But when it comes to love relationships, they have a code of conduct that could rival the puritans, our Love Survey shows.

One in ten students who took our qestionnaire considers one-on-one meetings in public (at a café or the cinema, for example) to be cheating.

A further one in ten views flirting – even when no actual physical contact is involved – to be cheating.

See the full results of our survey here.


And you don’t even have to meet with someone physically to cheat, it seems.

65 per cent of interviewees judge sexy text messages and MSN chat to be ‘crossing the line’.

Not surprisingly, almost all of the international students we asked feel that casual sex and kissing is a deal-breaker, when it comes to keeping a long-distance relationship alive.

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Not black and white

But for many respondents, it is no so much what you do that makes the difference, but how honest you are about it.

»I think as soon you don’t tell ‘things’ your partner you should reconsider those ‘things’. Cheating starts in the head and cheating always means you yourself too,« writes one student.

And in some cases, if your partner doesn’t mind, then it is not cheating.

»Cheating means lying. If your partner knows everything and is ok with you meeting, kissing, or having sex with someone else, then it’s not cheating,« explains one student.

Let’s hope his or her partner agrees!

See the full results of our survey here.

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