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10 fired – 10 voluntary redundant at Social Sciences faculty

Ten staff at the University of Copenhagen's Faculty of Social Sciences were fired Monday, while a further have resigned voluntarily.

The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) have told several staff that they are losing their jobs.

A total of twenty employees have been affected by the layoffs: Ten employees were told Monday that they are being dismissed after a further ten employees entered into agreements to resign voluntarily.

This is confirmed by the Faculty of Social Sciences to the University Post.

All permanent staff were asked to be at their workstations Monday at 9 am, when management contacted the affected employees.

Relocations, buildings expenses cited

The dismissals are part of a round of cuts at the Faculty of Social Sciences, which has been given the name ‘Budget in Balance’.

The plan will, in total, cut DKK 15 million from the faculty budget up to 2025, according to the University of Copenhagen’s intranet. The cuts are partly to »prepare the faculty« for adapting to the relocation agreement and escalating expenses for buildings.

According to the University Post information, it is both academic as well as technical and administrative staff that are now – either voluntarily or non-voluntarily – leaving their positions at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The University Post is working on getting a comment from the Dean.