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28 per cent voted in department elections

Department council results released: One out of every four eligible voters voted. "Satisfactory", says election secretary

The voter turnout at the contested elections for department councils was an average of 28, 4 percent, the election authority reports.

It is the first time representatives for the Department Councils are to be elected, after changes to the Danish University Act and University of Copenhagen’s regulations. The Department Councils assume office on 1 April 2013.

University elections have generally been struggling with low turnouts: At the elections for student representative on the Board of the University, only 14 per cent of the student electorate voted.

Student rep vote again this fall

For these, department council elections, 12 different departments were uncontested, and in a few places it was necessary to draw lots between the employees to get the seats filled.

The overall election results can be seen on the KUnet election site here (needs log-in).

The Department Councils will advise the head of the department and will consist of 6-12 members – academic staff, administrative staff and students. The election period for academic and administrative staff is three years, for students one year. The students must therefore choose representatives again next fall.

Had only expected 20 per cent

The election in late 2013 promises to be a bigger event than in 2012: At the election next fall students must elect representatives for the University Board, academic council, department councils and study boards. In addition some PhD committees are also up for election.

Election secretary Preben Liljendahl had expected a voting turnout of 20 per cent. So the 28.4 per cent is “highly satisfactory,” he said at the voting announcement.

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