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30,000 protested against Danish cuts to education

Thousands gathered in the Copenhagen city square and marched on parliament Thursday to demonstrate against the cutbacks planned by the Danish government

An estimated nearly 30,000 heeded the call made by 30 student unions and academic organizations, to raise their voices against the planned Danish government DKK 8.7 billion cut of education funding over the next four years.

After speeches by organizers and representatives, the streets of central Copenhagen were filled by students, teachers and other education supporters who marched towards the Danish parliament buildings Christiansborg.

“We were over 30,000 here and 10,000 in Aarhus, so 40,000 in total. This shows the politicians how many people are against these cuts. The unions, students, teachers, everyone is against this. We hope with this demonstration that the cuts in education will be pulled back in Denmark,” said Gro Holde, a history student and volunteer in the event to the University Post.

No thanks!

Students’ held signs and banners of ‘Nej, tak’ (‘No thanks!’), and chanted slogans against the proposed cuts. The demonstration ended with live music and the promise to not stay passive until their claims are heard.

See our selection of pictures from the student demonstration in Copenhagen below.

Photos by Gabriela Carballo and Rod Mackey.

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