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5 quick questions for a biker with a purpose

A recent KU graduate, Gijs Stevers- originally from Holland- has a plan to cycle from Europe's northernmost point to Africa's southernmost tip, starting this summer. We probe him for more details of this coming adventure

It’s simple to learn about renewable energy from books but this student has taken things one step further by attempting to travel the length of Europe and Africa using pedal power alone.

What is the Cape-to-Cape project?

»I am planning on cycling 22,000km on an electric bike, starting from the North Cape to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.«

Why are you doing this?

»I have always been interested in the environment and specifically with renewable energy. I have taken many courses related to renewable energy over the past 5 years but have had no physical experience with it. Through this journey, I hope to promote renewable energy and learn more about it by collaborating with people working in this field, on my way.«

Do you have friends in the cities you plan to stop in?

»I have friends in some of the cities, but not all of them. I am either couch surfing or camping with regard to accommodation in most of the places and through my hosts I hope to find contacts in local secondary schools where I wish to conduct workshops on renewable energy.«

When are you doing this?

»I start this April and I hope to finish it around February-March next year.«

All this has to be quite expensive, what about funds?

»I am self-funded but I am searching for sponsors for the bike and its gear. If I don’t get it, then I’ll have to be on a really tight budget.«

You can follow Gijs’ progress at where he will be providing updates about his planning and later blogging his adventures along the way. We wish him all the best and a bon voyage!

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