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50 jobs axed at Faculty of Life Sciences

The Faculty of Life Sciences is the first faculty to name which employees will lose their jobs due to economic cutbacks at the University of Copenhagen

Yesterday, 50 employees at the Faculty of Life Sciences (Life) were informed that their jobs will be cut while, the remaining employees will face changes to funding, and vacated posts will not be filled immediately.

The measures have been taken as the Faculty must save DKK 25 million this year. All in all 7 January 2010 will be remembered as a dark day for the Faculty of Life Sciences.

Turbulent period

Head of Faculty Per Holten-Andersen writes in a newsletter that, unfortunately, the colleagues who will dismissed are well-qualified and highly regarded.

He also aknowledges that December has been a turbulent period for many Life employees.

»It is particularly unpleasant to carry out cutbacks on such a scale. I will do whatever I can so that we can look to the future and ensure that Life continues to be a unique study environment and workplace. I am convinced that everyone at Life will strive to achieve this in 2010, « writes Per Holten-Andersen.

Damage limitation

The management at Life wished to make selective cutbacks depending on which tasks that Faculty and individual institutes will be expected to undertake in the future.

It is on the basis of this evaluation that the management has chosen where the cutbacks will be effected, in order to the least possible damage to the Faculty of so that dismissals could be kept to a minimum.