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7 things you have to see at UCPH on Culture Night

Guide — Dead animals, explosions, lectures and hidden corners of UCPH that are normally locked up. Let us be your guide to the Culture Night on 12th October.

1. Old municipal hospital by night

The Faculty of Social Sciences is located in some of UCPH’s most beautiful – although not always the most suitable for studying – historical buildings. And on the annual Danish cultural event in every city, the Culture Night, you can get a rare guided tour of the old municipal hospital. You can learn something about its almost macabre history and meet some of the leading anthropologists, psychologists, sociologists, economists and political scientists that are currently doing their research here. And the doors will be opened to hidden nooks and crannies like the old hospital church in the green dome.

Where? CSS, Øster Farimagsgade 5
When? The first tour starts at 18.00 the last tour ends at 22.00

2. The natural science paradise

If you only need to go to one place on Copenhagen’s version of Culture Night, it could very well be the Universitetsparken near the H.C. Ørsted Institute (HCØ).

Here, the departments at the Faculty of Science have, over several years, cooked up a solid science programme. At Computer Science, you can programme computer games (and robots), and at the Department of Chemistry they organise shows with impressive (including exploding, burning, foaming) demonstration experiments. With the biologists, you can hear more about social insects, water conditions, DNA and the mystery of cancer – and touch fishes and shellfish from the Øresund Aquarium. And then there are the lectures: On statistical detective work in criminal cases, kilonovas, ice cores, superconductivity, the infrared universe and much, much, much more.

Please note: They sell the Culture Night passes at the H.C. Ørsted Institute.

Where? Universitetsparken 5
When? 18.00-24.00

3. The best view of Copenhagen

If you haven’t seen the city from the top of the Maersk Tower yet, do it on Culture Night. When the guided tour of the new UCPH landmark is over, there is ample opportunity to get inspired and commit yourself health scientifically in different locations in the tower. You can, for example, be a surgeon for a night and save (or even kill) a patient during a simulated operation, solve mysterious deaths with forensic pathologists and explore the tower’s many mini-labs.

Where? Maersk Tower, Blegdamsvej 3
When? 18.00-22.00 Tickets for the guided tour were released here.

4. Tour of the dorms

The old halls of residence in the city centre open their doors so you can see their unashamedly centrally located student dens. (They will probably also recount a few tales about former famous residents like Hans Christian Ørsted, Simon Spies, Ulf Pilgaard, Jens Otto Krag and good old Grundtvig).

Where? Regensen (Store Kannikestræde 2), Elers (Store Kannikestræde 9) and Valkendorfs College (Sankt Peders Stræde 14)
When? 18.00-24.00

5. Fertile songs of love

12th October will be an evening marked by reproduction and fertility – at least for those that visit the Medical Museion , where you can meet confused sperm cells, life-threatening births, foetuses and changeable genes. Finally (at 22:30) the Bastion choir with Cæcilia Glode sings fertile songs of love. Please note: You need a Culture Night pass for entrance.

Where? Medical Museion, Bredgade 62
When? 18.00-24.00

6. They dissect dead animals

The old veterinary school in Frederiksberg opens its doors (and animals), when it gives a tour of its zoological collection and dissects the animals in the anatomy hall. People can look into the old stables and riding hall, where hot drinks and cake will be served. At the same time, the ceremonial hall at Bülowsvej 17 is the setting for four free lectures – which, however, require advance booking on The veterinary history collections are sold out, while at time of writing there are still spaces available to the lecture on forensic pathology studies in connection with cases of animal cruelty.

Where? Bülowsvej 17
When? 18.00 – 22.00

7. Science art

The science photo contest will take up the Ceremonial Hall at the university’s main building at Frue Plads. Here you can see contributions for the 2018 edition of the ARTiS (Art in Science) competition, which gives researchers the opportunity to submit photos of their own research in several different categories. This year’s winner will be declared on culture night – based on the visitors’ votes.

Where? Ceremonial Hall, Frue Plads
When? 18.00 – 22.00