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8 out of 10 Danes subject to break-ins

DANISH NEWS - Denmark suffers more break-ins than any other EU country

Denmark suffers the highest amount of break-ins in the EU, leading to calls for increased efforts in burglary prevention, reports and

The latest Eurostat figures show Denmark has 809 break-ins per 1,000 citizens, four times higher than Sweden and five times greater than Germany – a ‘sad record’ according to head of the Crime Prevetion Council Linda Nielsen who said:

“Society needs to react when we hear figures such as these. Homeowners, insurance companies, and politicians need to make a greater effort to combat crime.”

Forsikrig & Pension, the industry organisation for insurance companies, characterised Denmark as a ‘land of milk and honey’ for organised criminals from abroad who break into houses here and then just skip the country when charged.

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