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9 things to do before you leave sunny Copenhagen

Just arrived or just about to go? Make sure you have tried out the University Post’s updated not-to-be-missed experiences in Copenhagen

From cheap dinners to the Royal Opera. From diving into the harbour to visiting Christiania. Here is a shortlist of ‘musts’ that you just have to try before leaving Copenhagen (updated to 2015).

There are even more options on our ultimate Copenhagen bucket list 50 things to do before you leave Copenhagen. But here is the University Post’s shortlist, in reverse order:

9. Watery ride

You do not need a touristy and expensive boat trip to see Copenhagen from the water. Just use the public transport boats like the Danes.

For a single ticket, Harbour Buses take you from the Citadel (Little Mermaid) along the New Opera and Nyhavn to the Black Diamond (service lines 901 and 902).

An insider tip is to take line 904, which connects Nyhavn with Sluseholmen, so you can enjoy a long ride along Islands Brygge.

Here are the harbour boat routes.

8. Hotdogs in Fælledparken

If the sun is out, Danes spend the day in the park, with charred sausages.

Use a disposable barbecue to save on post-picnic washing up. Remember ketchup, mustard and pickles for the real Danish hotdog experience.

Add some guitars and outdoor games for the perfect outing!

7. Culture crawl

Copenhagen offers thousands of cultural activities. If you have spent the whole semester with either a beer or a pen (or both) in hand, thinking that you really ought to visit some museums or cultural places, now is the time to do it!

And if your study abroad budget is running low, there are many places where the entrance is free.

6. When in Denmark, drink Carlsberg

This is for beer lovers only. Why not taste all the different types of Carlsberg before leaving its country of origin?

You could start by visiting The Carlsberg Brewery in Valby. Too expensive? Just go into a discount supermarket and buy all the different kinds of beer you can.

5. Go to Christiania

Christiania is an autonomous largely self-sustaining community constructed in an abandoned military barracks. Located in the heart of the city, it’s become a huge cultural hub. They have, among other things, free concerts, science and cocktails, a tasty vegetarian restaurant, their own beer, and a beautiful waterfront.


4. Half price opera

The Royal Danish Opera? Sounds expensive! But there are special offers for students.

Here you will find information about the different shows.

Everybody under the age of 25 gets a 50% discount on all tickets. Last time we checked you may also be able to get half-price tickets if you’re a student. also offers half-price tickets on the day of the event.

3. Harbour sunrise

There are few things as fascinating as gazing at the sunrise in front of the Black Diamond.

Stop by at the harbour on your way back home from the party, and anjoy the particular light and calm of the early Copenhagen sunrise at this time of year. Don’t miss it.

2. Cycling in short sleeves

You may have already done this. If not, you will surely end up doing it. The sun is finally shining in Copenhagen and you decide to hop on your bike in your shirtsleeves pretending that the weather is warm, even if it is 10 degrees celsius outside.

More things to do with your bike: Ride randomly around the city with a friend, taking it in turns to decide whether to turn left or right at crossroads. You will discover places in Copenhagen that you have never seen before.

1. Swim between the buildings

What could be better than swimming in the middle of the city, between the buildings? Copenhagen Harbour Baths give you the possibility of swimming in Copenhagen canals. Harbour Baths are enclosed in an urban harbour landscape. There are different size and depths of swimming pools and diving boards.


Have you already finished everything on this list and still can’t get enough of Copenhagen? See our ultimate Copenhagen bucket list 50 things to do before you leave Copenhagen.

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