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Advert for new prorector in spite of protest

The job of prorector, formerly held by Lykke Friis, is now advertised by the Rector's office. This bypasses staff representatives, who had refused to nominate a candidate for the job because of other staff cutbacks

The hunt is now on for a replacement to former prorector Lykke Friis. This can be seen on a University of Copenhagen job vacancies page.

They thereby bypass initial protests by staff representatives on the University of Copenhagen’s General Collaboration Committee. The staff reps called for no new prorector to be hired while university employees are being fired.

The high profile job as Prorector, a kind of deputy to the Rector, has become a kind of university spokesman. The University of Copenhagen management also gives the former prorector credit for attracting funding and high profile guests to the university.

The job has been vacant since Lykke Friis left her post in November 2009 to become government minister for Climate and Energy.