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AIESEC looking for new members

Leadership organization helps students learn and practice workplace skills. All students encouraged to join

Internships in AIESEC provide hands on, real life experience for the working world, according to the organisation, that is present in over 113 countries with over 86,000 members worldwide. AIESEC wants to help students get prepared.

Students are used to studying, day in and day out, and are rarely given an opportunity to use the skills they are taught, according to AIESEC. Hands on learning and practice are important before students enter the work force.

»We provide an opportunity for students to practice work skills. They can try, and fail, at AEISEC because they are still learning, we provide an open environment. We want members to build up confidence, skills, and leadership for future work and learn about making a positive impact on society,« says Selina Leung, Organizing Committee Vice-President of Recruitment.

Making a change

By joining, members can choose to participate in two different groups. Depending on what members want, they can learn skills about leadership roles or team member roles. Included in the groups are information for how to work in a team, communication with others, and the chance to participate in international courses with the ability to practice skills learnt.

Conferences with AIESEC groups in other countries provide networking opportunities, a chance to build relationships, and participation in skill building courses.

»How much you gain depends on how much effort you put in. Everything is voluntary with AIESEC. We advocate leadership skills and encourage like-minded students who want to make a change. to participate, « says Leung.

Info sessions

Any students currently at University of Copenhagen, Danish Technical University DTU, or Roskilde University are encouraged to join. There is no required time commitment, members can choose how much to participate.

Information sessions about AIESEC UNIC are being held 13 Feb, 19:00, 18 Feb, 17:00, and 19 Feb, 19:00.

See the Facebook page here for full details.

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