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All Abroad! Canadian civilities

Camilla, a Copenhagen student of health science, has arrived at Western University

The first thing you have to know upon your arrival in Canada is the meaning of the word “Eh!” The truth is that “Eh!” can mean anything and can be used at the end of every sentence. It is a multi-used word and using it will make you feel very Canadian right away.

The second must-know thing about Canadians is that they are the most friendly, heartwarming and polite people you will ever meet. Everybody will hold the door for you or assist you in any way possible. They will also say ‘sorry’ like a hundred times, even though they probably did not do anything at all. Saying sorry a 100 times a day will also make you feel Canadian very quickly.

Thirdly, arriving to Western University is like arriving in an American teenage movie combined with a little bit of Hogwarts magic, but just a hundred times better! Western University is gigantic and in the first week, I did not leave my room without a campus map in my pocket and yet I still got lost. Alot!

Western University is beautiful place full of old buildings, amazing towers and their very own hill located in the very center of campus. The Western University school color is purple and it is just easier to get used to it right away because before you know it you will end up in a purple t-shirt, sweater and headband cheering for the football team, the hockey team or just admiring the 30 time national champions in cheerleading.

Besides all the sports teams, there are more than 200 different clubs on campus. The single most popular club among the exchange students is the Outdoors club. The Outdoors Club goes on day trips and weekend trips to many of Ontario’s provincial parks. I was lucky enough to go on a 4-day canoe trip, several hiking trips, and a snow-hiking trip. Also apple picking trips, tree top hiking and a hiking trip to a waterfall. Nothing can compare to Canada’s natural landscape and wildlife, which includes bears, moose as well as beavers, that are famous for building beaver dams.

Western University has everything your heart desires. Everything from a 4 floor recreation center with a swimming pool, squash and volleyball facilities as well as a football stadium and a hockey rink. Restaurants, supermarkets and its own bookshops, but most importantly the campus bar called The Spoke. Every Wednesday night the legend Rick Mcghie takes the stage at the Spoke and with more than 35 years experience, he is a real crowd pleaser. All of his songs have their owns dance moves or extra lyrics which the students gladly perform Wednesday after Wednesday.

Western University is located in the city of London. Since the city is called London, of course it must have its own Oxford Street, Thames River and Covent Garden market. London, Canada may not seem like the most interesting city in the world, but it has some hidden treasures.

London, Canada is also the perfect hub to many other destinations and during my time in London, I have been lucky enough to visit Toronto several times, the amazing Niagara Falls, Montréal in the French province of Quebec and Chicago, St. Louis and New York City.

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