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All staff to use mobile phones at work by 2013

University of Copenhagen will save money by getting rid of fixed line telephones, says IT department

All staff at the University of Copenhagen are to be using mobile phones, or a so-called softphone solution, by the end of 2013. This is according to a new strategy from the IT department, as reported by the Danish section of KUnet.

The present fixed line system faces an expensive renovation, and the strategy will cut costs, according to the release on KUnet.

Even though the mobile phone strategy is for staff, it will allow »staff and students new flexible opportunities to contact each other and co-operate via an integration of communication paths like e-mail, chat, virtual meetings and phone calls,« KUnet writes.

Support to be outsourced

Mobile phones will be combined with softphones, a programme on PC’s and Macs or laptops, with a headset, that is integrated with e-mails and calendars.

The whole phone process from ordering phones, to subscription to delivery, service and support is to be outsourced to an external company.

As now, staff will only be liable to pay the – in Denmark highly controversial – multi-media tax if they take their phones home with them.

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