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And the richest people in Denmark are...

A Danish newspaper has released its list of the richest people in Denmark, see the top 10 here

The Kirk Kristiansen family, owners of global toy giant LEGO, maintain the top spot on Berlinske Business’s annual rich list, reports

The wealthiest Top-10 in Denmark, and they’re net worth:

Kirk Kristiansen Family: (LEGO): DKK 55.3bn
Holch Povlsen Family: (Bestseller Fashion): DKK 24.6bn
Lars Larsen (Jyske Bedding): DKK 18bn
Louis Hansen Family: (Coloplast): DKK 17.6b
Merete Toosbuy Kasprzak Family: (Ecco Shoes): DKK 14.7bn
Clausen Family: (Danfoss): DKK 13.7bn
Foss Family (Foss): DKK 7.9bn
Kirk Johansen Family: (After sale of LEGO holdings): DKK 7.4bn
Enevolden Family (Pandora Jewellery): DKK 6.9bn
The estate of Maersk McKinney Møller: DKK 6.8bn

Prominent names further down the list include Saxo Bank owners Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen, at 12 and 13 respectively with DKK 5.3bnn each, SKYPE founder Janus Friis at no.20 with DKK 3.4bn, and Maersk heir, Ane Mærsk Mc-Kinney Uggla, at no.54 with a personal wealth of DKK 1.3bn.

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