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Angry student protests in Copenhagen

Frue Plads packed with frustration, as students said a government plan is turning an ‘economic crisis into education crisis’

It all started with sunshine, smiling faces and party music. Bit by bit, students with banners appeared at central Copenhagen’s Frue Plads square.

Students came from the Copenhagen Business School, the School of Education, University of Roskilde (RUC), other professional schools like the social work school, and last, but not least, the different faculties of The University of Copenhagen. Some opposition political parties were also present, including the Social People’s party youth organisation (SUF).

Chairman of the Student Council at the University of Copenhagen, Anne Bie Hansen, was enthusiastically angry in her speech: »Two billion kroner in budget cuts will affect Denmark’s future«, she said.

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Education is going down

»The government talks about the importance of education, but the Danish education system is going down, down, down,« Bie Hansen stated.

As things got going, the demonstration against the government economic recovery plan woke some students up to their frustrations.

»Now I am really angry too!« a person next to me says, after a speech by Mette Lundstad, from the Educators student organisation.

Education, »the way out of the crisis«

Lundstad expressed worries about her future as an child educator: »I fear that my education will not assure me the job I should be qualified for,« she said.

Other speakers were Sune Baldus from the professional schools student organisation. He was angered by a budget cut affecting the professional workers’ only income under education – the internships.

»I do not know about you: But I think DKK 21 an hour is shit«, Baldus thundered.

Unhappy smileys

After the speeches, the demonstration moved slowly to Slotspladsen in front of the parliament building Christiansborg. Students met up here with labour organisations.

Banners fluttered in the summer breeze. The smileys were on the banners were angry. The messages:

»Whoops! On sale«, »Education for LIFE«, »Does our education have a future?« and »Stop the thief!«