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Applicant numbers go through the roof

The number of prospective students applying to study at the University of Copenhagen has beaten all previous records this year

The University of Copenhagen has received a record number of applications this year. The number of students hoping for a place is up 20 per cent compared to last year.

The university has received a total of 24.908 from 15.969 individual applicants (applicants can apply for more than one course at a time).

The number of prospective students who put the University of Copenhagen as their first choice has seen 12 per cent increase.

More, and better qualified young people

Two other Danish universities, Roskilde University and the University of Southern Denmark have also received a record number of applications this year.

The surge in applicant numbers can be explained by the large year groups coming from the upper secondary schools (gymnasier in Danish), as well as the higher incidence of young people taking the qualifying exams, says Claus Nielsen, Director of studies at the University of Copenhagen’s Education Services.

Surge in Science applicants

The current economic situation has also played a role.

»The relatively high unemployment rates mean that many young people focus on education to ensure that they have better chances when looking for a job in the future,« says Claus Nielsen.

One of the subject areas that has seen the greatest increast in applications is the natural sciences. Numbers of applicants at the Faculty of Science have dwindled over the past few years.

But this year, the faculty has received 35 per cent more first-priority applications.

Need higher grades

»This means that there will be more filled places on the courses that don’t usually attract as many applicants. That is what will mean the most here at the university of Copenhagen – that there will be more students studying science, for example,« says Claus Nielsen.

For prospective students, the surge will mean that they will need better grades to secure a spot on their chosen course, he adds.

On 30 July, students will get a response to their applications. And the unlucky ones will be able to re-apply to courses where there are empty spots.

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