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Apply for visa on time, or you’re out

For international staff and students hoping to extend their stay in Denmark, tardiness is now punishable with deportation, or even prison. New rules mean that late applicants are sent back home, where they must apply again from scratch

Recent changes to visa regulations mean that internationals applying for a visa extension just one day after their temporary permit expires now face expulsion from Denmark, fines or imprisonment.

Late applications are now automatically be rejected because the applicant is residing illegally in Denmark.

The new rules may result in the deportation of international researchers, and large fines to the university.

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20 researchers applied late for visas

This is according to a memorandum written by Vivian Tos Lindgaard from the University of Copenhagen’s International Staff Mobility office to the Danish University Association.

The new, tighter rules have just been implemented, but Lindgaard cites examples which would have had researchers expelled or worse.

»The University of Copenhagen knows of around 20 cases where international researchers have forgotten to apply for an extension before their old permit has expired,« Lindgaard writes in the memorandum.

University could face fines

In two such cases, talented researchers from USA and India applied for a visa extension after the expiry of their temporary permits.

These cases took place prior to the introduction of the new regulations and they were granted dispensation and allowed to remain in Denmark.

Under the new rules, both they and the university (as their employer) would risk fines and imprisonment. At the very least, the researchers would have to return to their homeland and apply for a first-time residence and work permit, the memorandum states.

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