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Art history student is a fashion geek

Her style is 'communicating without words': She is a University of Copenhagen student, a blogger, photographer and fashion model

She is a self-proclaimed fashion geek.

And being a geek is not bad, quite the contrary, explains Marie My a fashion blogger, photographer and art history student at the University of Copenhagen.

“Being geeky is cool, no matter if you’re geeky about chemistry, art, food or clothes,” she says to the University Post.

Not self-absorption

Fashion is after all, a way to communicate with the world, or in Marie My’s definition, “being fashionable is being intelligent with your visual communication of yourself towards other people”. Wearing something is communicating without words, she says.

“Whether you like it or not, your outfit will tell everyone, who sees you, about you. No matter if you’re making the conscious choice to communicate through your outfit or not.”

Photo: Courtesy of Marie My

And this has nothing to do with narcissism. How you look is not necessarily linked to self-absorption, she says: “It means having an interest in visual expression through clothes, an interest in textiles, shapes and society.”

Milan, London, Copenhagen

Marie My’s blog started out as a creative outlet for her ideas and interest in fashion. But it all really took off when she back in 2012 decided to attend Paris fashion week with nothing but her clothes and camera in her suitcase, she recounts.

She simply met up at the venues for the fashions shows and started photographing.

When she realized her blog could be a great door opener in the fashion industry, she got even more active. Since then she has attended fashion weeks in Milan, London and Copenhagen, not only as a photographer but as a show-goer.

Standing out

Her style stands out: “It’s colorful and it’s a bit different from other Danish bloggers,” she says.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie My

For some people it might seem going out on a limb – standing out too much – but for Marie it is all about feeling good.

“If you feel comfortable in your outfit, because you think it’s cool and fits your personality, you’ll stop worrying about standing out, simply because you’re in your comfort zone,” she explains.

Study-fashion balancing act

She is doing something right, as she has captivated street style photographers such as The Sartorialist and Bill Cunningham, both big names in the fashion world.

It is all fashion, but busy Marie My is also studying visual arts at the University of Copenhagen. She has to balance blogging with lectures and homework, which she actually finds quite easy.

“At uni I have so much time off, so when I plan my time right, it’s no problem keeping up a blog,” she says. The blog is a part time job, therefore it, like any other job, just takes some organizational skills.

Visual art past and present

Her subject at university correlates with her interest in fashion.

“I want to know more about the history of visual arts, architecture and aesthetics, since it reflects society just as much as fashion.”

She has never actually had to choose between her interest in fashion and her academic life. She has found a perfect combination: By taking photos of people’s style she is documenting present visual arts whereas art history gives her an opportunity to dive into the past of the same subject.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie My

“I think it’s important to have a broad knowledge of visual culture through time when working in a creative industry,” she says.

Check out Marie My’s blog and her Instagram account @nemesisbabe.

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