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Artist highlights sexism in the press

Elin Amundsen demonstrates language and sexism in the media at a new exhibition that also takes a hard look at the University Post

‘Søren’ and ‘Simon’ are more likely to get into the press, than ‘Edith’ and ‘Else’. This is the central message delivered by Elin Amundsen’s new exhibit.

The artist has literally highlighted, in pink and blue, the different coverage that men and women receive from the media. It seeks to demonstrate how newspapers treat gender.

She selected two paper newspapers: Politiken and the Universitetsavisen / University Post for her investigations.

See for yourself in our gallery here.

See for yourself

In Politiken a massive 79 out of 110 pages favoured male language, names or quotes, while our own paper was more equal.

According to Amundsen, the work aims to make visual the real difference that exists in the media regarding gender representation, and to make a call against gender discrimination and not to fall into cultural clichés that should be overcome.

On one wall the culture section of Politiken is shown. On the other, the last three editions of Universitetsavisen / University Post are deconstructed into pink and blue pieces. It can be seen for the next two weeks at the Faculty of Humanities, KUA, stairway 14.

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