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As elections loom, Danish government is behind in the polls

DANISH NEWS - With the deadline on calling the Danish general election moving closer, the Danish governing alliance is behind in the latest poll

Despite positive numbers for the Social Democrats a new poll shows the government alliance is losing ground in the countdown to the election, according to and other Danish media.

The latest Norstat poll for political website Altinget indicates a comfortable 95-80 seat majority for the opposition, bad news for the prime minister and those hoping for a snap election, according to political analyst Erik Holstein who said:

”The prospect of a pre-summer election is looking increasingly unlikely. Based on recent polls, September looks the most likely.”

Social Liberals halved

The poll is a mixed blessing for the Social Democrats, who have recovered to their election result of 2011 but are being dragged down by coalition partner, the Social Liberals (R), who have sunk to under 5% and could see their parliamentary representation halved at the election.

According to the analyst, the centrist party has had difficulty dealing with the departure of former leader Margrethe Vestager to an EU Commission posting and adapting to new leader Morten Østergaard.

Read article (in Danish) here.

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