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Asian teams sugar-tongued before law fight

In Copenhagen’s contest, participants measure each other up

Vandasia and Ruritania. The fictitious names of countries that students from Singapore and the Indian state of Gujarat represent.

»Vanda is the national flower of Singapore, so in a sense we represent Asia,« said one of the enthusiastic participants at the welcome dinner. The Copenhagen Competition, the international contest in bargaining and law, begins in earnest Tuesday.

So what about their Asian competitors? Do they ‘represent Asia’ too? »In a globalized world, one is always connected«, an ever tactful law student from Singapore states.

Diplomacy, thy name is law

So who do they consider their biggest competitors? The students from India take a strong, but diplomatic, stance.

»We would not want to over-estimate or under-estimate any team and we are looking forward to having some good arguments,« Karmanye, from Gujarat, India.

The Singapore students won’t at first put a name on any chief competitors either.

»We are all here to have a healthy competition and we consider ourselves our greatest competitors,« before reluctantly admitting that »if we have to, then they’d watch out for last year’s winners. The Israeli team.«

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