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Away from home, but at home

Loads of stuff to try out while you are in Copenhagen

Feeling like a stranger in Copenhagen? Long for a taste of home but not homesick enough to actually go home? Inspired by networking site , here is a list of groups welcoming international visitors to the Copenhagen area. The list includes something for everyone.

Depending on your nation of origin, you may want to check out the:

The Copenhagen Expat Meet-up Events and Free Forum Group – for expats and English-speaking people in Denmark

American Expats in Copenhagen
– for Americans and people associated with America.

Spanish Copenhagen – for those who know or want to speak Spanish.

The British Expats Meet-up Group – for Brits living in Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen Polish Meet-up Group – for Poles wanting to network.

Les Francophones de Copenhague – for French-speaking people in Copenhagen.

Young Internationals – for young people from all over the world.

Or try something entirely different:

The Copenhagen English Premier League Meet-up Group – for fans of the British professional football league.

The Music Producers Forum – for musicians interested in networking with like-minded people.

The Worktrotter Business Corner – for those who want to learn more about applying for jobs in Denmark.

The Copenhagen Vegetarian Meet-up Group – for vegetarians to meet and swap recipes.

The Copenhagen International Parents Meet-up – for parents of children of all ages.

How about the Copenhagen Art Meet-up Group?- whatever branch of art you are interested, this group offers teaching, advice and discussions.

Copenhagen Photographers
– for hobby photographers from around the world.

The Copenhagen Adventurers Group– for anyone looking for a physical challenge.

Copenhagen Theatre Circle – an English-language amateur theatre company who welcomes anyone interested in working or watching.