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Best Copenhagen short films

The University Post finds the best short films from, of, and by University of Copenhagen students and staff in different categories

With the Danish movie ‘In A Better World’ winning an Oscar for best foreign language film, the world is wondering whether Copenhagen is the next Bollywood or Hollywood.

Well, we at the University Post certainly think it is. So we have decided to present its ‘independent film’ scene, which is rich in student and exchange student productions, but also in quirky, but slick, productions from communications professionals.

So without further ado, these are the ‘films’ that have won this time round in the different categories:

Best Danish course video

Taking inspiration from the Oscars, we start with a video about communication and language. Did you like ‘The King’s Speech’? Are you intrigued by its plot, or by Colin Firth? Don’t miss ‘Erasmus song’, a video which shows that you can almost learn Danish in two weeks.

[video: width:525 height:390 align:center]

Best free event video

Winter is almost over, and spring is coming, with festivals and barbecues in the park. One of the best events is the Distortion Festival in the beginning of June, when music invades the city.

Here you can see the one minute long bridge rave party in 2009:
[video: width:640 height:390 align:center]

In 2010, the rave lasted for two minutes:

[video: width:640 height:390 align:center]

See the official website of the Distortion Festival 2011 here.

Best vintage video

The winner of the best vintage section is this video from 1996, which documents how it was to be an exchange student in Copenhagen before iPhones, Wi-Fi and Lady Gaga:

[video: width:640 height:390 align:center]

Best semester start video

‘Copenhagen: a first impression’ by jrhavermans, uploaded on YouTube on 20 February, shows the first weeks in Copenhagen of a group of exchange students.

[video: width:640 height:390 align:center]

Best happy birthday video

‘Happy birthday Marc’ is a short film where friends from different countries send Marc happy birthday greetings via postcards. In other words, the birthday gift we all dream of.

[video: width:400 height:300 align:center]

Best geek video

This year geeks were underrepresented at the Oscars. But two years ago, marketers from the Science Department worked hard to produce a true masterpiece, called ‘The Power to Create’. Nominating them for our best take is actually cheating a bit, because these guys were pros and had a budget for it.

[video: width:640 height:390 align:center]

Yes, she is hot. So we set up a series of follow up interviews, here and here, and even an attempt at feminist critique here, which by the way fell flat on its face.

So these were our winners! Want to nominate another short film? Send the link to us at, and we will follow up with winners in a new set of categories!

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