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Best outdoor workout spots in Copenhagen

Marte is a Norwegian who knows how to do a solid workout. Check out her Top 10 Free Workout spots and tips in Copenhagen and get ready to look your very best

[This article was published in 2012, but has been revised and updated with new material in 2015]

See the orange athlete on the picture? That’s Norwegian Marte Franck. She is a University Post reporter who challenged our photographer to keep up with her on a series of outdoor work-out sessions around town.

With Marte’s help the University Post has gathered the best locations for outside activities in the different areas of Copenhagen.

For regular earthlings, Marte’s numerous spots around the city will provide enough physical activities for the next couple of months, if not years. Whether it’s climbing walls at Nørrebro or working calves by the lakes, the possibilities are countless and you’re bound to end up sore.

Seek out these spots, and in a year’s time you might be fit enough to burn as many calories as Marte. If you want to skip down and see Marte doing the exercises, then scroll down to the bottom of this article, otherwise let us show you some great places to work out!

10. Guldbergs Plads

On a small side street off Nørrebrogade, Guldberg Plads is a joint children playground and activity area. Its “artsy” pieces make the place more enjoyable, and enhance not only children’s creativity, but also their health. In addition there is also a ball court open for everyone. This urban free space offers several possibilities for a complete workout in the center of Nørrebro. Our reporter used the yellow cubes to do some arm dips.

9. Fredensbro

Located beside Søerne, just off Fredensbro bridge, there is a small exercise pavilion, with different equipment for some serious muscle training. Its location makes it perfect to use in combination with some laps around the lakes. In our photo gallery below it is illustrated by Marte doing some core back training.

8. Søerne

One of the more obvious outside workout locations are the lakes situated in the middle of Copenhagen, Søerne, a very popular place to be once the sun shines. On the downside, there is a lot of traffic around along the road side of the lakes, and you can’t expect to get this spot for yourself, it is often crowded.

Here is as good a place to start as any!

7. Frederikbergs Have

This spot located in the middle of Frederiksberg is an oasis. Stepping into Frederiksbergs Garden from the busy streets outside feels like entering a different world. It is perfect for runners, and possibly even more so for a peaceful enjoyable walk. When spring approaches you can see flowers and trees sprout everywhere, and watch the birds having an early swim in the ponds situated all over the park.

6. Skate park in Fælledparken

Inside Fælledparken, a new and large skate park has recently been built. Unfortunately, neither the reporter nor the photographer for the University Post obtained great skating skills. So the demonstration of the park was left to someone else.

5. Islands Brygge harbour

This beautiful harbor is mostly known for its chilled atmosphere throughout the summer. But it is also a great place for a good workout. Not only is here a beautiful running route along the channel, but there are also climbing possibilities here. In the summer months the harbor pool opens for activity, which makes this spot even more attractive.

4. Søndermarken

Close to Frederiksbergs Garden, you find Søndermarken. This park has been developed to make your jogging more fun and effective. On a two and a half kilometer long track, a new lighting system has been installed. You can actually plot your data into the system, in order to regulate your running speed. Along the track there are different stops where you can strengthen your muscles. Our reporter did a little biceps work between laps.

3. Amager Fælled

On Amager Fælled, and the adjoining Kalvebod Fælled, we actually find slopes and small hills, which are rather rare in Copenhagen. The park, or common, is enormous and a good spot for running, either long distance or for doing intervals on the slopes.

2. Valby parken

A place of scenic beauty. Entering the park, there is an alleyway with straight rows of trees leading down to the ocean. Going further into the park, and the forest within, there is a terrain trail consisting of different, natural and fun obstacles. This provides the perfect opportunity to combine fitness and muscle training – definitely a must.

1. BaNanna Park

Number one on our list is the BaNanna Park in northern Nørrebro. The only reason why this spot raced all the way to the top is a great climbing wall which actually functions as a gateway into the rest of the park. The wall offers challenges both for beginners and advanced climbers, and it is one of a kind in the Copenhagen area.

So this is it! Now to the exercises. Check out our Gallery: Marte´s Workout and in a year’s time you might be fit enough to burn as many calories as Marte. All without using any cash!

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