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Big boost to uni elections: 19.6 per cent voted

Participation has risen by nearly five whole percentage points to 19.6 per cent of students for the key Board seat. Last year only 14.8 per cent voted in the university elections

In the electronic vote, 8,287 of a total of 40,242 voters chose to give a total of 16,783 votes in the university elections.

This is according to an e-mail from the university election authority. Voter participation is normally negatively affected by the fact that several key local offices are uncontested, with only one candidate.

“We have not made a precise calculation yet, but it will land on around 19.6 per cent for the Board seat,” says Preben Liljendahl, who heads the election process.

Further results from one department IVA will be added Monday, he said to the University Post.

The actual results of the election will be forthcoming 4 December.

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