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Big names in Copenhagen to talk sustainability

Two leading academics are to kick off a series on 'sustainable development' at the University of Copenhagen

Talk of sustainability is in the air. On 31 January 31, 2011 the Faculty of Life Science will welcome two movers and shakers in the field of sustainable development, Per Pinstrup-Anderson and Finn Tarp.

The term ‘sustainable development’ means the use of resources while preserving the environment for future generations.

Per Pinstrup-Anderson, of Cornell University in the US, has dedicated his life to reducing inequality and hunger in the developing world. In 2001, he was recognised for his work and received the World Food Prize.

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How to adapt to climate change

From the Department of Economics, the University of Copenhagen’s own Finn Tarp, was in 2009 appointed director of the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research in Helsinki.

He, like Pinstrup-Anderson, will address the issue of sustainable development in a changing climate.

The event, titled Sustainable Development in a Period of Climate Change, will focus on sustainable development in developing countries and how they will adapt to climate change.

More lectures to come

It is the first of a series of lectures in the ‘Sustainability Lectures 2011’ series:

»The Copenhagen ‘Sustainability Lecture’ series is a follow up to the former Climate Lecture series,« explains Niels Elers Koch, Director General of the Danish Centre for Forest, Landscape and Planning, adding that the two topics fit very well together.

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