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Big screen at Humanities´KUA is an art installation

Wondered what that big thing with all the lights and colours is on one of KUA´s buildings? Here is the answer

It is an art installation funded and maintained by the University of Copenhagen. It is going to be a part of the landscape of the Faculty of Humanities’ buildings at KUA for the next 3 years. And it is getting a much better review from the students that the University Post talked to than in its original test version which involved commercials.

It will be provided by artist Mette Gitz-Johansen, who is known for creating art that interacts with its environment.

The ‘Media Mesh’, as the architects who where in charge of designing KUA2 call it, is still in the process of being tested in order to gauge students’ reactions. Students at the library have previously been angered by the disturbance from the lights. Others have been outraged by the blatant commercialism of the tests for the screen which involved Prada and Coca Cola.

Like a museum at work

Most students don´t really know what all the fuss is about yet, but they seem interested and are generally positive about the project after hearing some more details.

We talked to two girls relaxing near the screen. Caroline from literature studies and Julie from Film and Media Studies both agree: “It gives life to the surroundings,” says Caroline.

Marie, who studies philosophy at KUA says that she is “happy that UCPH allows artists to display here.” and her fellow student Sofie points out that this is like “a museum in a work environment.”

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