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Bikes united the university

Campus race 2009: Hundreds of eager biking employees and students at the University of Copenhagen took the 14.7-kilometre tour connecting all faculties at the University of Copenhagen

My bike is what keeps it all together at the University of Copenhagen: From Molecular Biology on Nørrebro, to the Law Faculty in the centre of the city, to the French department on Amager.

I am on my bike somewhere between LIFE and Pharma, the two newest additions to the University of Copenhagen, taking part in the university´s annual Campus Race 2009 – only bikes allowed.

During the 14,7-kilometre race participants take part in quizzes at the many different stops on route, hoping to win gifts and prizes.

Salmon sandwiches

»Happy I came along,« says an educator after the race to his colleagues. He gives them a bear hug, careful not to upset their salmon sandwiches.

We are from all over. All faculties, all over the world.

The weather is stunning. Now, after the race, I relax among the thousands of flowers. My bike has done its job.