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Biology staff in joint open protest against cuts

In an open letter of protest, 96 teaching staff from the Department of Biology defy the university board of management and reject the reasoning behind planned cuts

Almost the entire teaching staff at the Department of Biology back a joint declaration to the board of management protesting an impending cull of staff.

The letter can be seen on our Danish sister site

»The cuts already carried out have in one year destroyed research areas that have taken decades to build up, also in areas that are in particular focus abroad,« they write in a joint letter of protest:

Deputy department heads protest

»We have heard so many contradictory arguments, both from the management of the University of Copenhagen (and politicians), that we have completely lost faith in management. We know that considerable amounts of University of Copenhagen funds have been used to move different groups from our department around to other buildings before both rounds of redundancies,« they write.

The dissent is not only among the lower ranks:

In an unprecedented move, two deputy heads of the biology department Michael Kühl and Olaf Nielsen, have formulated another open protest to the board, Rector Ralf Hemmingsen and the Dean of the Faculty of Science Nils O. Andersen.