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Black out at the Black Diamond

Thousands of students left out in the cold at Royal Library semester start party last Friday

More than 2000 students were disappointed after waiting for hours to enter a party at the Black Diamond library in Copenhagen last week.

Although thousands were signed up for the event, there was only one man on the door, and one way in.

This meant that thousands of students were stranded outside the library for hours, forced to watch the party through the black-tinted windows.

Read the Royal Library’s response to this article here.


For the second year in a row, a »back to school« party with famous Danish rock bands playing live was held in the scenic location of the Royal Library.

Free entrance, free drinks and live performances created a lot of hype around the event, and more than 5000 students joined the Facebook page.

At the event, there were no barriers to regulate the entrance, and a single security guard was expected to manage the huge crowd.

Fun for few, and failure for the rest

»There were no limitations whatsoever, so everyone just tried to get through that one spinning door« says Robyn Payne, an Erasmus student from Germany.

»Only one bouncer to manage it… it was absolutely absurd and he had no chance. The result a screaming crowd, and 5-6 people were let in every 10 minutes,« he continues.

With the help of the police, the situation was solved and around 22:00 the crowd outside the library was down to just a few hundred students.

The lucky few who managed to enter were treated to enjoyable concerts, with light effects projected at 360 degrees. But for those who stayed outside, the event was a failure.