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Board considering new inquiry into Penkowa-case

Group of scientists hopeful after meeting with University of Copenhagen board of executives Thursday

The board of the University of Copenhagen has, yet again, the Milena Penkowa case on its agenda. This is confirmed after a meeting with representatives of a group of 58 professors and scientists Thursday, writes Politiken.

The group of 58 have called for an impartial investigation into the case of the 37-year old brain scientist who is being investigated for scientific fraud and abuse of research funding in the Commitees for Scientific Dishonesty (UVVU).

One of the 58, Olaf Paulson, says that the Board has listened to their arguments, and that he is hopeful of the outcome.

Needs to be solved

»What is important is that they somehow can get this case resolved and processed, so that the credibility of the University of Copenhagen can be upheld, nationally and internationally,« Paulson says.

See the letter of the 58 scientists, calling for an impartial investigation here.

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